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Harry Potter - Marsala inspiration | Shooting published on the French Wedding Style blog

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls". So begins the wedding ceremony of Bill and Fleur (Harry Potter, volume 7).
The magical world of witchcraft and the Harry Potter-style wine ritual were the setting for Mathilde and Ludovic's ceremony:
"Love is like a good bottle of wine. They say this beverage improves with time. You love each other today, and your love will evolve, become richer, denser or more complex... like a bottle of good wine. Just tap the bottle with your wand before locking it up, using the "Amplificatum" formula! And like this wine bewitched by magic, your love will be made invincible! You'll open this box in ten years or so, when your love has matured, amplified by Marie's philtre, and you'll relive the magic of the present moment with emotion."

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