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Your customised wedding ceremony

Fees: a range of plans to suit your singular needs

A true reflection of your love, every wedding is unique and no one ceremony feels the same. Throughout several sessions of in-depth conversation, I’ll get a clear picture of the essence of your relationship and of the individual personalites that make it up. Each plan is available in English and in other languages. All rates listed below include the following:

  • Several meet-up sessions - by video depending on distance,

  • Custom-made questionnaires (both individual and for the couple),

  • The outline of your personalised wedding ceremony,

  • The selection of specific rituals,

  • Suggestions for alternative wedding readings from literature,

  • The speech, based on your loved one’s additions OR assistance in writing the speech if you opt for the “Training” plan,

  • Assistance in writing your vows,

  • Oversight of guests (parents, witnesses, friends, siblings, etc.) and service providers (DJs, musicians, etc.)

  • Your own handmade ceremony book as a record of the ceremony and also, if you wish, as a guestbook,

  • 24/7 availability

Book your first free call now!

This will allow me to get to know you and your needs, and it will allow you to get to know me. During the first call, we discuss your wedding project and how I work. Based on our conversation, I will send you a quote that will reflect the plan you’ve chosen as well as the wedding’s location (kilometre costs). Contact me by any of the means below to book our first session, I’m looking forward to chat!

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