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Because there are other ways of getting married, in a simple, colourful and joyful setting... Eva and Erwan chose to say 'I do' on the farm, under the great oak tree. This old tree has witnessed the blossoming of many beautiful friendships, on the land that welcomed them after years of travelling the world.

On their wedding day, they arrived from the town hall by tractor and entered the ceremony with their two children. Their backpacker caravan as a backdrop, clothes straight from their Ghanaian friends, a vodka ritual inspired by their stay in Lithuania... Children in the front row, a few Breton rock tunes, live jazz standards with Chris at the piano... and some memorable "Copains d'Abord"! And to round off this ceremony quite unlike any other, a Megahug by the bride and groom with their witnesses and close family. 

Colourful wedding at the farm

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