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A tailor-made ceremony to fit the spirit of your celebration

Your wedding will be like no other, a reflection of your personality, and you dream of it as simple or, on the contrary, extravagant and fanciful. You've chosen a theme for your wedding, and you've thought about using it for every part of the celebration. From the car that will take you to the town hall, to the style of your dress, to the caterer's buffet and the decor, everything is in tune and a little offbeat. And what if you also adapted your ceremony to fit in perfectly with the spirit you've chosen and that suits you?

Photo W. Angora

An offbeat wedding right to the end

You can personalise your wedding down to the smallest detail, according to your tastes and desires, and follow trends or stray from them to create a truly atypical and original day. You've already thought about how to incorporate the spirit you've chosen into every detail of your wedding... or almost! If you're short of ideas for creating a ceremony unlike any other, think carefully about all the little elements that might recall your theme, without turning it into a heap of little bits and pieces put together just "to keep with the theme".

To begin with, make sure that the furniture and accessories used during the ceremony are really in keeping with the rest, including the surroundings and the celebrant's outfit (which can sometimes be tricky, of course, but I personally do love these kinds of challenges!)

Whatever your theme, you can extend it to speeches and rituals.

To ensure that your ceremony fits in perfectly with the rest of your big day, remember to choose stories and anecdotes in harmony with the chosen theme. For the speeches, you can look for a particular lexical field and incorporate precise vocabulary into a text that will reflect the spirit of your ceremony while respecting the chosen style. Pay particular attention to the symbolic rituals, which you can invent or adapt to suit the style or period of your choice. 

A ceremony that reflects the essence of your personalities

A quirky wedding, what a delight! Here you'll find a few ideas for staging rather unusual celebrations, with always a little something offbeat, even in the most classic of ceremonies. Let yourself be inspired, and don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have a project that's a bit original (or not!).

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