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Earth, water, air and fire, four elements for the crystal ritual

Giovanni and Audrey fell in love at first sight. They discovered each other in the heat and passion of the moment, overwhelmed by the essence of their relationship from the very first moment, the mad love that inhabits them and binds them together, propelling them forward and enabling them to overcome every challenge and every constraint together.

To symbolise the union of their two lives, they mixed glass crystals in a stone bowl. Each colour was chosen to represent the personality and life story of each of them, with the gold crystals representing their relationship and their love. And to magnify this symbolic union of their two lives even further, the glass crystals were set alight in flames and blown into a glass pearl, both beautiful and fragile, which they will pamper to keep intact and luminous, like their love.

The providers of the shoot

Organisation & Celebration: Céline Larigaldie Cérémonie | Venue: Château Lacoste | Photograph & Photobooth : Studio Gabin Photographie | Videographer: Angèle Mary | Decorator: Cocotte et Coquette | Floriste: Karine Fleurs

The bride and groom's outfits: Mariée Boutique Tarbes | Glass jewellery and ritual: Perlière d’Art Geneviève DarrietCaterer: Le Fou GasconWedding Cake : Pâtissier Cyril Garnier | Drinks: Château Monluc | Musicians : La Fanfare à Six Pattes | Models : Audrey and Giovanni | Carterie : Mademoiselle Mouche Papeterie | Wedding Car: Classic Cars in GersMake up: makeup by catherineb | Hair: Alexia Hairstylist

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