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Médiéval Fantastique

"We are going to celebrate your wedding before the Gods and Men and in the presence of the four elements: water, earth, fire and air.


East: May the East wind blow freedom and songs into your life,

South: May the fire of joy and desire bless your home,

West: May water nourish your feelings with purity and clarity,

North: May the generous Earth imbue every day of your life with peace and serenity."

The providers of the shoot

Photographer: Armelle Dupuis​ |  OrganisationSandra Munoz - Histoire d'Eux | Costume of the celebrant: Féeries Couture   | Celebrant: Céline Larigaldie - Officiante de Cérémonie Laïque  |  Make up: Muriel Crespi  | Rings and  jewelry: Sylvain Nosjean, joaillier créateur   |   Hairdesigner: Clarytiff    |   Medieval & Renaissance caterer: Les Délices de l'Histoire | Medieval aperitifs: Lance L'eau |  Woven flowers: Kapandca | Illuminations and calligraphy: Claudine Brunon | Grimoires :  Marilou Grimoires | Location: Domaine La Bonne Etoile  |  Public writer:  Magalie Duc-Maugé - Thotalement mots | Videomaker: Omniview Prod - Sandra et Fabrice Fourel |  Horse-drawn carriage: Les Chailles | Les bride and groom: Perrine & Jean-Patrick

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