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How to design your ceremony

Imagine and create your own storyline

Tips on writing your ceremony

To begin with, don't forget that your ceremony will be a moment of intense emotion, THE day on which you will show your commitment to your partner, to everyone around you, but also to yourself. Don't hesitate to put all the love and tenderness you feel for each other into this ceremony. Your guests are there to share your joy and happiness; you'll be more discreet another time!

First of all, think about the values that bind you to each other, the reasons that led you to embark on this magnificent shared adventure that is marriage. You can also look back at all the important moments that underpinned your love, all the memorable details, the little and big stories that led you to the mayor's office! Think about the people who played a role in forging your relationship: perhaps you'd like to include them in your celebrations?

Célébration de cérémonie la¨qie bilingue sous un chêne
Photo Christelle Lacour

Creating your wedding ceremony, step by step

Now you can plan the highlights of your ceremony: the exchange of vows, the exchange of wedding rings or other more original items of jewellery, even the presentation of your wedding tattoos, and so on. Choose from the long list of rituals and symbols those that mean something to you, those that could add something extra to your ceremony. But choose them sparingly - too much ritual kills the ritual!

Now it's time to choose your participants: will you have witnesses? Bridesmaids? Do you want to invite family members or friends to read or sing? If you decide to exchange wedding rings, who will bring them?

Finally, you can think about the texts that will enhance your ceremony: choose them according to the emotions they evoke in you, but also according to their length.

Finally, make your choice of music. There is a wide range of music to choose from, depending on your style, to accompany each part of the ceremony: your arrival and departure from the ceremony venue, but also certain high points. Perhaps you'll opt for a live orchestra or just a couple of guitar tunes?

Texte gris en filigrane

How should you write your vows?

Once again, no formalities are imposed: you have complete freedom!  You can decide that the two of you will say the same words to express your commitment to each other. Or you can each choose to write your own personal words of love and offer them to your loved one on the big day, either in person or in the form of a secret letter, which each of you will read face to face in silence in front of the procession of guests.

Whatever form this exchange of vows takes, it's one of the key moments of your wedding ceremony, and one that deserves a very special place in your preparations.

Of course, you can draw inspiration from examples found on the web, but you can also allow your inspiration to flow freely and take the time to write down the most beautiful words that your love inspires in you. What does he/she mean to you? Why have you chosen him/her? What commitment do you want to make through this marriage? And a thousand and one other questions you can ask yourself to declare your love!

What if drafting your ceremony proves tricky?

If you're still finding it difficult to write your ceremony, or if you'd like some guidance, don't hesitate to call on the services of a celebrant, who will be able to brainstorm with you. Together, you'll find the right words to express your emotions and sort out all those thoughts and anecdotes that you want to share with your guests, but don't always know where to start!

couple de mariés qui scie une branche dans un rituel de mariage allemand au milieu des chèvres et moutons à la campagne dans la montagne avec une officiante de cérémonie
Photo Barbara Lusynska
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