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Céline Larigaldie Celebrant

Your customised wedding ceremony

I design with you and for you a ceremony that reflects who you are, what you love and what you dream of on your wedding day, with a mix of emotions, humour and surprise. You tell me about yourself, your story and your conception of marriage and commitment. Together we will build this unique and special moment of your wedding, the one that will remain in your memories and in those of your guests. I will guide you step by step in the conception and the choice of the items of your ceremony: symbolic rituals, exchange of vows and wedding rings, music and speeches by your loved ones. And if you feel the need, I can also help you write the sentences that will express all your love on your big day! In French, English or German, in the South West of France and everywhere in France and in Europe.

Photo Sophie de Vasselot

You're planning to get married in France or somewhere else in Europe. You need a bilingual celebrant for your ceremony. I'm located in the Lot-et-Garonne (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) on the edge of the Gers department (Occitanie).

I celebrate weddings in the South West of France, but I also travel wherever an English-speaking celebrant is needed.

About me...

French is my mother tongue but I aslo speak German and English, since I've studied both at university in France and Germany.

I've played theater since I was a teenager, so I'm used to standing in front of a large audience, and I must say... I love it!

I've been writing texts for others for ten years, and I celebrated my first bilingual wedding ceremony in summer 2017. It's been a personal discovery, a revelation of what really brings me joy : celebrating a wedding is one of the most beautiful, emotional and exciting experiences of life!

Call it a "celebrant", a "solemniser", or a "vow master" or even a ceremony master: all these words designate a person who officiates at a secular wedding ceremony.

You can choose to organize your ceremony where you want, but in France, getting legally married is only possible through a civil ceremony which necessarily takes place at the council offices (mairie). So, if you wish for a secular service, it also has to happen at another place, just like a religious ceremony.

Bilingual wedding

"Ja ! Yes, I do... Oui, je le veux !"

A bilingual couple quickly raises the question of which language to have the wedding ceremony in. How about creating a ceremony in which you move from one language to the other like you move from laughter to (joyful) tears, very light and delicate, balanced and gentle?

Your wedding ceremony... just the way you are!

coeurs bleus.jpg

Having a professional ceremony officiant is a good way to ensure that your ceremony will be a moment of quality, combining solemnity and emotion. A beautiful ceremony cannot be improvised. It needs to be prepared in detail, in dialogue and listening, with creativity and inventiveness, in order to make this important event in your life a mirror of your aspirations and your dreams as lovers. And if you speak other languages than French, for example German, English or Italian, we will think together about how to integrate them into your ceremony!





Preparing for marriage is much more than choosing your suppliers: a long process of reflection is needed around your relationship, your commitment and your conception of love and marital happiness. Even after years of living together, you can get to know yourself and the other better to make your life together even more enjoyable. Taking the time to reflect on this is a wonderful gift of love.

Pictures of wedding themes

As every ceremony is different, here are some examples of ceremonies with different themes, from rustic to Harry Potter, Medieval, Celtic or Steampunk, on a farm or in colours, 4 elements....

I enjoy fitting into the world chosen by the bride and groom to create a ceremony that reflects their own personality and style!

Photo Christelle Lacour

Let's do it together!



We meet

First of all, we meet (virtually or in real life), so we can decide to work together on your ceremony. Skype and the phone are good alternatives to meeting IRL if the distance doesn't allow it.

You tell me details about your love story :  how you met, how you fell in love, what kind of relationship you have, what you've done together, your plans for the future, what your dreams are, why you love him/her, etc.

We talk about your initial representation of the ceremony. How should it be? What does your dream-wedding look like?

We think about it

We write it down

Your idea of the ceremony will evolve while we talk about it. We will take the necessary time for your representation to get to the point when you say "That's it!".

Through your proposals and my advice, we build your ceremony together.

The first text proposal can emerge from you or from me, depending on what you prefer.

We work together on your ceremony so that it gets just like you picture it as it should be.

Want a bit more of a surprise? That's possible too!

Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you can concentrate on yourself and on your beloved ones : your ceremony will be just like you've dreamt it, since we'll have prepared it seriously and in détails!

  • “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 


When Harry Met Sally

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