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Céline Larigaldie Celebrant

Your unique wedding ceremony

Let’s create an unforgettable ceremony that reflects who you are and what you dream of on your wedding day - with humor, spectacle, and soul. Your unique story and your conception of marriage will be at the heart of our design. We will bring together each element that is special to you: the vows, the symbolic rituals, the rings, the music, and your loved ones’ speeches. And if you like, I will help you find the perfect words to express your love on the big day. I officiate weddings in French, English, and German. I’m based in the South West of France, and available everywhere throughout France and Europe.

Call it a “celebrant”, a “solemnizer”, a “vow master” or even a “ceremony master”: all these words refer to a person who officiates at a secular wedding ceremony. You can arrange the ceremony wherever you choose. However, in France getting legally married is only possible through a civil ceremony which necessarily takes place at the council office (Mairie). So, just like with religious ceremonies, your secular service will take place elsewhere.

A bilingual wedding

“Ja” “Yes, I do” “Oui, je le veux!” Being a bilingual couple quickly raises the question of which language to choose for the wedding. What if we create a ceremony that moves effortlessly between languages?

Your wedding ceremony... just the way you are!

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Hiring a professional officiant ensures a high-quality moment of emotion and poise amidst an unpredictable, unscripted environment. Many years of experience will reliably deliver a beautiful and creative ceremony that reflects your dreams as lovers. And of course, I will help you decide how we can best blend all your different languages into the service.





Preparing for a wedding is much more than choosing suppliers: it’s an opportunity to reflect on your relationship and on your idea of marital happiness. Years after this day, you will still be discovering new ways of making your life together blissful. A wedding is a wonderful time to reflect on this boundless gift.

Wedding themes gallery

I adore fitting into the bride and groom’s universe to create a service that reflects the style that’s unique to them. Click to discover the diverse range of themes I have officiated ceremonies in: from bucolic to Harry Potter, medieval, Celtic, Steampunk, or the four elements, the list goes on.

Photo Christelle Lacour

Let's do it together!



We meet

Depending on your circumstances, we meet up in real life or online. We’ll go over the details of your story, so I’ll get to know how you met and fell in love, the type of relationship that you have, what you’ve done together, your plans for the future, and your dreams as a couple, etc. We will discover the initial outlines of your ideal ceremony. What does your dream wedding look like?You tell me details about your love story :  how you met, how you fell in love, what kind of relationship you have, what you've done together, your plans for the future, what your dreams are, why you love him/her, etc.

We talk about your initial representation of the ceremony. How should it be? What does your dream-wedding look like?

We think 

We write

You enjoy your wedding day

Your vision will get clear through your suggestions and my advice. As our conversation evolves, so will your image of the ceremony. We’ll take all the time you need to get you to that “Aha” moment.

The first proposal emerges from you or from me, depending on what you prefer. We will design the service just as you picture it. If you like, you can also choose to have elements of surprise.

The ceremony will be just as you dreamed since everything will have been meticulously prepared. On the wedding day, relax and focus on yourself and your loved ones!

  • “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 


When Harry Met Sally

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