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Your customized wedding ceremony

Fees: a range of packages to suit your individual needs

Every wedding is unique and no ceremony resembles another. Your ceremony will be a reflection of your love. Throughout the interviews, I get to know you and to perceive what makes the substance of your couple and of your personalities.

The rates listed below include all of the following items:

  • Several meetings (by video if distance requires),

  • Specially designed questionnaires (both individual and for the couple) to create a personalised ceremony, 

  • The creation of your wedding ceremony outline,

  • The selection of your ritual(s),

  • Suggestions for alternative wedding readings from literature,

  • The writing of my speech (or that of the celebrant chosen by you if you opt for the "Coaching" package) based on the contributions of your family and friends,

  • Assistance in writing your vows,

  • The coordination of your contributors (parents, witnesses, friends, brothers and sisters, etc.) and service providers (DJ, musicians, etc.),

  • A link between you and me at any time of the day, every day of the week,

  • A ceremony book chosen by you, in which the complete text of your ceremony will be recorded, and which can be used as a guest book if you wish.

Initial meeting to get to know each other

Our first meeting is free and non-binding so that we can get to know each other. Tell me about your wedding project ; I'll tell you how I work.... If you want to entrust me with the design and elaboration of your ceremony, I will send you a quote that takes into account the option you have chosen and the kilometre costs to be expected, depending on the wedding location. Please just contact me to arrange a first appointment!

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